It’s amazing how many schools have caved to leftist demands like this one.

The College Fix reports.

Evangelical university caves to student activists’ demand for microaggression reporting system

Hiring is inherently racist

Social justice warriors scored another victory last week, convincing an evangelical university that Jesus favors a microaggression reporting system.

Seattle Pacific University’s administration folded to many of the demands of the SPU Justice Coalition – apparently composed of fewer than 20 students – for a diversity czar, “justice and cultural credibility” leadership requirements, and race-focused faculty hiring, among others.

SPU President Dan Martin couched the slew of new initiatives in evangelical-speak in a message to the community in late February, saying that “any aspect of racial bias or exclusiveness is a breakdown in the community we are called to be.”

Provost Jeff Van Duzer also suggested the school would hire less-qualified minorities to counter inherent bias in hiring.

Threatening to use ‘other avenues’ for change

The Free Methodist university has experienced similar convulsions around race and injustice as the University of Missouri, Yale and others since November, though SPU’s cave-in closely followed a campus event featuring a Black Panther leader.

President Martin reiterated the university’s commitment to racial equality in an open letter closely following the Mizzou protests, and instituted the first SPU Race Relations Forum in January.