Trump did better than young people than expected.

Red Alert Politics reports.

Super Tuesday: Trump wins big with young voters, breaks turnout records

No way to cut it, Donald Trump had a good night on Super Tuesday — winning at least six states and leading in another one as of the writing of this article.

Trump won Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Virginia, and narrowly leads in Vermont — winning broad support among conservatives, moderates, evangelicals, and the non-religious.

The Washington Post reported that no Republican has ever won all the different states that Trump was victorious in, not even Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Trump won or nearly won the GOP youth vote in many states. In Alabama, he won 36 percent of young voters; in Georgia, 37 percent; in Tennessee, 40 percent; and he likely won in Massachusetts, winning ages 18-to-44 with 42 percent.

Republican turnout was tremendous across the country. In Virginia, Trump received more votes than Mitt Romney and Ron Paul combined in 2012, 351,000 to 265,570 votes.