Well that didn’t take long. This story just broke a few days ago and the school is already saying sorry.

The Independent reports.

University apologises after requiring students to disclose their sexual history before registering for classes

After students objected to the intimate nature of the questions, the university apologised. A spokesperson said that no offence or distress was intended by the questions and that the questionnaire had been designed as part of a federal mandate to address sexual assault on campus.

Senior Vice President for Administration Todd Dickey told New York Daily News: “USC apologises for any offense or discomfort caused by optional questions included as part of a mandatory on-line training for students on sexual consent, misconduct and other important issues.

“These questions have been removed from our online training module. All colleges and universities are required by law to provide such training, and our training was a standardised module being used by hundreds of colleges and universities across the country.”

The online survey and consent course is part of Title IX training; a federal law which prohibits gender discrimination. In the US, all colleges must comply with Title IX training in order to receive federal funding.

Over the course of the last academic year, a number of US colleges have been accused of mishandling sexual violence complaints, resulting in many colleges adopting consent workshops and more advanced anti-harassment policies.