Who could have guessed that this would happen?

Eric Owens reports at the Daily Caller.

SURPRISE! Mizzou Sees Application Drop After Days Of Protests, Illusory Klan Hoods, Poop Swastika

Applications for the fall 2016 academic year are down at the University of Missouri after last semester’s eruption of Black Lives Matter protests, which caused some students to become so dizzy with racism that they saw imaginary people wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods. The professor who threatened a student journalist with mob violence and the famous poop swastika incident likely have not helped matters.

The year-to-year decrease from applications for 2016 enrollment compared to 2015 is nearly five percent, reports Columbia, Mo. ABC affiliate KMIZ.

Mizzou’s enrollment management office sent a memorandum detailing the application decline to professors and administrators earlier this week.

In terms of hard numbers, Missouri’s flagship taxpayer-funded university has seen 914 fewer freshman applications this year compared to last year.

Applications for fall 2016 from potential students who are black have dropped 19 percent compared to fall 2015.

Applications from prospective graduate students have also fallen 19 percent.

Mizzou has seen a 7.7 percent reduction in applications from students with composite ACT scores of 30 or higher (typically the 95th percentile).

Prospective students from Missouri are applying at about the same rate. However, deposits for actual enrollment among Show Me State residents are currently down nearly 10 percent.

Applications from would-be students from other states are down a whopping 25 percent compared to 2015.