A not so stellar phenomenon.

From Forbes:

Intentional Underemployment After Expensive College Education

Graduates of elite liberal arts colleges earn less than graduates of elite universities, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. “Administrators at some liberal arts colleges say the disparity can be explained in part by the fact their students are following passions that may not yield high earnings….”

This is an important insight. We have in the United States intentional underemployment. Some people do not want to achieve the maximum possible income.

There are still hippies, but many call themselves minimalists. They don’t want too many possessions and value free time more than money. Even some who would not go to extremes of low consumerism prefer quality of life to quantity of money. I know of a woman who graduated from college, went to work for a large corporation, was promoted twice—and then moved to Montana to become a massage therapist. She lowered average income in America, but she said she was happier. I cannot deny her words.