What changes are they making?

The Houston Chronicle reports:

College system set for start of campus carry law

It is illegal for a concealed handgun licensee to bring a firearm into a college building, and it will continue to be that way for almost two years at Lone Star College-Tomball or LSC-University Park although new gun carry laws soon go into effect in Texas.

Senate Bill 11 was passed by the 84th Legislature, making the state the eighth in the United States to allow concealed handguns on campuses.

Although concealed handgun licensees will be able to bring their weapons onto four-year campuses starting next year’s fall semester, there will be a one-year delay after that before students would be able to carry their concealed guns at two-year colleges.

That means concealed handgun licensees who come into any of Lone Star College’s six campuses and satellite centers will have to leave their weapons someplace else until August 2017.

Until then, “it is against the law even if you are a concealed handgun licensee,” said Paul Willingham, chief of police for Lone Star College’s police department. “You can’t do it. The only people that can do that are police officers.”