Upset over the university’s handling of racial tensions, a handful of black football platers have said they’ll be boycotting the football team until Mizzou’s president resigns.

From the New York Times:

Missouri Football Players Boycott in Protest of University President

Dozens of black football players at the University of Missouri have joined demonstrations over the university’s handling of racial tensions on campus by vowing to boycott team activities until the president of the university system resigns.

Frustrations at the university have been rising after recent incidents in which racial slurs were directed at black students, and one in which someone used feces to draw a swastika on a residence hall wall. Students protesting over the weekend accused officials of failing to respond to acts of racism and intolerance, and called for the president, Timothy M. Wolfe, to step down or to be removed.

The Legion of Black Collegians, the black student government, posted a photograph to Twitter on Saturday night of ore than 30 football players linked in arms with a graduate student who is staging a hunger strike.