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From AOL.com:

Exclusive: Dr. Jill Biden explains why community college is ‘one of America’s best-kept secrets’

Thousands of high schoolers on Saturday will slide into desks at test centers across the country and put their pencils down to mark what may be their first real push toward higher education.

But the path to college is not always an easy or a smooth one. While many high school students will send those SAT scores with their college applications and move on to the next stage in their education within months, others may wait years before taking the next big step.

Few in Washington know this better than Dr. Jill Biden. A community college professor for over 20 years, Dr. Biden has been a firm advocate of the idea that people of all ages should be given the opportunity to go after the American dream.

In an exclusive Q&A with AOL.com, Dr. Biden explains why people looking to pursue a college degree should look no farther than their local community college.