After a decade of surging prices, the steep tuition climb may finally be over.


High rising college tuition might be leveling off

Even though students at four-year public colleges and universities pay 40 percent more for school than their peers did a decade ago, college costs seem to be leveling out, according to a report released by the College Board on Wednesday.

The College Board’s report details the prices charged by colleges and universities in 2015-2016, as well as how these prices have changed over time, and how they vary across different institutions, states, and regions.

The main finding: The soaring tuition costs and high borrowing rates that became common during the recession have leveled off.

“Significantly, and perhaps counter to public impressions, price increases are not accelerating over time,” the report said. “The increases in tuition and fee prices in 2015-16 were, like the increases in the two preceding years, relatively small by historical standards. However, the very low rate of general inflation makes this year’s increases in college prices larger in real terms than those of 2014-15 and 2013-14.”