A win for campus free speech.

ABC News reports:

University of California Revises Divisive Intolerance Policy

The University of California is going back to the drawing board Monday after a proposed policy on intolerance was rejected by Jewish organizations that say it does not go far enough to address anti-Semitism on UC’s 10 campuses.

Others said the proposal would have impeded on free speech. The university system has become a focal point in the discussion of freedom of expression on campus following several high-profile incidents, including one in which swastikas were spray-painted on a Jewish fraternity house.

UC’s board of regents is gathering public input Monday at a forum at the University of California, Los Angeles, and dozens are expected to voice their opinions. In September, the board considered a policy drafted by the president’s office that would have rejected intolerance and upheld academic freedom.

Jewish groups contested it was too weak and needed to specifically address anti-Semitism.