Being wrong can be costly.

From The Guardian:

University of Sussex to pay student protester £20,000 in damages

The University of Sussex has apologised to a former student, admitting there was “no truth” in its claim that he’d led an unlawful occupation of the university and carried out acts of criminal behaviour.

The university agreed to pay 22-year-old Michael Segalov £20,000 in damages plus his legal fees for two articles published on its website in 2013, and apologised “unreservedly” to him in a statement issued on Thursday.

Segalov says: “Throughout my time as a student, I maintained that the campaigns I was part of were peaceful in nature, leaderless in their organisation, and had the support of the majority of students and staff.

“The University of Sussex administration showed a blatant disregard for basic principles of law when attempting to clamp down on protests – suspending students wrongfully, banning protests, and publishing defamatory statements about me online.”