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From Campus Reform:

UT prof. says campus carry will ‘shut down’ dissent, free speech

A professor at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) is concerned that a recently enacted law allowing concealed carry in university buildings will “shut down dissent and free speech,” according to an interview with The Trace on October 5.

The law, which was enacted in May, will allow students with concealed carry permits to bring firearms into classrooms.

Lisa Moore, an English professor whose courses cover “not exactly light topics” including “feminism, abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and birth control,” believes that having armed students in class will create an unsafe environment. And if students are unsafe, they will be unable to have “an honest conversation” about controversial issues.

“We oppose guns in our classrooms as a direct assault on our free speech rights,” claims Gun-Free UT, an organization co-founded by Moore to protest the recent legislation.

According to Moore, professors will “have to look at ruling out anything—any subject matter—that might seem provocative” because, “we don’t want someone who will, when they’re uncomfortable, be able to shoot off a firearm.”