Heaven forbid students be subjected to you know, laws…

From FIRE:

Middlebury Student Paper Condemns Judicial Scrutiny of College’s Disciplinary Processes

In a shocking editorial published last week, the staff of The Middlebury Campus railed against the ability of “outside individuals” like lawyers and judges to demand basic fairness from Middlebury College’s disciplinary processes.

The editorial followed a Vermont federal court’s decision to halt Middlebury’s expulsion of a student accused of sexual misconduct, pending further legal proceedings. The court issued a preliminary injunction, which may be granted only when a party can show both that they have a likelihood of success on the merits and that they would suffer irreparable harm without the injunction.

The staff of The Middlebury Campus is incensed that Middlebury’s ability to address sexual assault as it sees fit might be limited by, you know, the law:

What is most upsetting to us as a board is that we do not want outside individuals like [FIRE cofounder and attorney Harvey Silverglate, whose firm is representing plaintiff John Doe] affecting our ability to police our own community. Although we do not believe Middlebury to be above the law, we worry that if the College must face forces like Silverglate every time it decides to expel a student found guilty of sexual assault, our judicial system may be compromised and victims of sexual assault may hesitate to come forward because of Doe’s complicated legal challenge to Middlebury’s ruling.