Ohio faculty are wondering why a university task force created by the Governor doesn’t include faculty members.

From Cleveland.com:

Why no professor on Gov. Kasich’s university affordability and efficiency task force?

Gov. John Kasich’s task force on affordability and efficiency in higher education released its recommendations to the General Assembly recently, and the results were to be expected. The task force was headed by Geoff Chatas, Ohio State University’s chief financial officer and the architect behind the Ohio State parking privatization deal, so it is no surprise that one of the key recommendations is to have colleges and universities lease or sell what the members of the task force refer to as “non-core assets” and “non-academic operations.”

Chatas nearly left OSU earlier this year to take a position with the investment firm that now leases the university’s parking system. As eyebrows were raised at the seeming impropriety of such a move, he changed his mind.

Chatas, who last year made $773,579 and received a $1 million bonus merely for staying at OSU for five years, did not at all address in this task force one of the most agreed-upon cost drivers in higher education: administrative bloat -– the exponential growth in the number of administrators and their salaries.