I suppose that’s one solution.

From NPR:

As Migrants Pour In, Germany Launches Online University For Them

In May, 21-year-old Kashif Kazmi fled his hometown of Parachinar in northwest Pakistan. As part of the country’s Shiite minority, Kazmi was targeted by the Pakistani Taliban. The rest of his family are still there.

“I really miss my family, my friends who are there,” Kazmi says. “Because my sisters, my father is old-aged and he cannot cope with the situation, I had no other option. And I’m so homesick.”

Kazmi wants to give his sisters a better life. He hopes one day to bring them to Germany. For him, this means pursuing higher education, something he says he was denied back home: “They don’t want us to be educated. They want us to be ignorant.”

Kazmi arrived in Berlin at the end of July and is already speaking some German. Having traveled through nine countries to get here, he has overcome many barriers. But as an asylum-seeker, he is not permitted to attend a local university because he doesn’t have the requisite paperwork and status.

This is about to change.