So this is a thing that happened.

From our parent site, Legal Insurrection:

Streisand Effect – Cornell shuts down Jesse Watters on air during student interviews


The Cornell Daily Sun student newspaper ran an excellent article showing that over 96% of Cornell faculty political donations went to Democrats. It was simple, ahem, math.

Yours truly was quoted extensively, as we reported with mathematical precision, 97% of faculty donations at Cornell Univ. to Democrats:

Prof. William Jacobson, law, one of the 15 Republican donors, said that he found the statistics “completely predictable.”

I had heard that Jesse Watters from The O’Reilly Factor was on campus, but for some reason he didn’t contact me. I need better PR people. In fact, I need any PR people.

Watters frequently visits college campuses for his Watters’ World segments, asking seemingly simple questions to frequently bewildered students. It’s always in good fun, never mean-spirited.

And that’s exactly what he did at Cornell with students on campus. So far, so good.