Because of course they do.

From our parent site, Legal Insurrection:

97% of Faculty Donors at Cornell Univ. Contribute to Democrats

How politically diverse is the Cornell University faculty?

Not very, according to a study done by The Cornell Daily Sun, the student newspaper. By dollar volume, 96.62% of political donations during 2011-2014 went to Democratic candidates or related PACs, and just 2.76% to Republicans or related PACs.

By number of donors, rather than dollar amount, the contrast is even more stark.

There were only 15 faculty members who donated to Republicans, out of a total of 323 faculty donors, or less than one-half of one percent. There were a total of 1628 faculty at the university as of 2013, but there is not reason to suspect that the 323 donors are not representative of the total.

I was one of the 15, which might make me part of the smallest minority on campus.