Capital Community College professor Minati Roychoudhuri was pulled over for an improper lane change. After the incident, she accused the officer of racial profiling. When investigators listened to the dashcam audio, they discovered Roychoudhuri’s accusations to be less than accurate and substantially so.

The Blaze reports:

College Professor Accuses State Trooper of Racial Profiling — Then Investigators Listened to the Dashcam Audio

Minati Roychoudhuri was pulled over on Route 15 in Connecticut a few months ago and cited for an unsafe lane change. Roychoudhuri fought this infraction, saying that she was unfairly and racially profiled by the state trooper as evidenced by him asking her if she spoke English.

Last week though, an internal investigation revealed this woman’s accusations were false, leading to a warrant for her arrest under a false statement charge. Roychoudhuri turned herself in on July 28.

After the traffic stop in May, Roychoudhuri, a professor at Capital Community College, wrote a letter to the commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, accusing the trooper of pulling her over based on her race. The Connecticut State Police Union identified the trooper involved as John Such with Troop H.

“An unmarked police car with flashing light stopped me on the ramp after I had taken the exit. The policeman asked me if I could speak English and if I knew why he had stopped me,” Roychoudhuri wrote in her letter, according to WTIC-TV. “I said, ‘yes’ to speaking English and ‘no’ to why he had stopped me. He then asked me for my driver’s license and registration. He returned with an envelope and said that I could simply mail in the infraction.

“The officer did not give me any reason as to why had stopped me. His asking if I could speak English shows that he had racially profiled me and was not able to give me a concrete reason for stopping me,” she continued in her letter. “Further, the officer had checked ‘Hispanic’ in the race category in the infraction ticket. I am a Professor in English at Capital Community College, I teach about diversity and the negative impact of racial profiling, I have now become a target of the same insidious behavior! It is easy to connect the dots with the nationwide racial profiling which has led to serious consequences.”

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