A handful of things got a little bit easier this summer.

From the Huffington Post:

What Changed in College Admissions This Summer

If they’ve done it the right way, members of the Class of 2016 are just coming back from their Best. Summer. Ever. to realize it may be time to get serious about college. Since many college-bound families started their search in junior year, the biggest question they have right now is “What’s changed over the summer?” It was a short six weeks, but the answer is — plenty. Here are the important updates:

FAFSA filing just got easier. You likely know you have to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to be considered for most need-based scholarship programs, so you were naturally planning on going to fafsa.com. If this were last year, that would have been a costly mistake; a for-profit company had the rights to that website, where they would “help” you file your “free” FAFSA for about $80.

That all changed this summer, when the US Department of Education was given the rights to that website. By fall, you’ll be able to go to either fafsa.com or fafsa.ed.gov to file the FAFSA with no problem — but if you really want to know about getting help paying for college, spend thirty minutes reading everything you can at student aid.ed.gov (and never, ever pay for a scholarship search. Never.)