Depending on the community college, the transition to a major university can be daunting.

USA Today offers some suggestions to make the transition easier:

3 tips for transitioning from community college to university

A student’s journey from high school graduation to college graduation is not always clearly defined. Today, with such a wide variety of ways to earn a college degree, and with several types of degrees to choose from, that journey can feel quite challenging at times.

Students who ultimately intend to earn a bachelor’s degree, but who are unsure about what they wish to do with their future, can often benefit from several semesters of community college (perhaps even earning their associate degree). Many then move on to a four-year school. Community college can thus provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit and to acclimate to the rigor of college academics, often at a reasonable cost and with less pressure.

However, the transition from community college to university is not always a simple one. If this switch is not made carefully, problems can arise, and they can end up costing you both time and money.

If you are thinking of moving on to a four-year school from community college, keep these tips in mind: