I feel bad for today’s college students, I really do. The Washington Post produced this video about sexual consent. Watch as students offer dozens of different explanations for what consent actually is.

College students remain deeply divided over what consent actually means

Many embrace “no means no.” They have grown familiar with another three-word standard, “yes means yes.” But America’s college students are deeply divided on how to read the unspoken language of sex.

What if someone undresses? Or gets a condom? Or nods in agreement?

In each of those scenarios, a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll found, at least 40 percent of current and recent college students said the action established consent for more sexual activity. And at least 40 percent said it did not.

Conflict and confusion about consent pose enormous challenges for colleges scrambling to prevent sexual assault. Many have discovered they need a new curriculum just to teach incoming students about the do’s and don’ts of intimate communication.