It wasn’t so much a party as it was a protest to call fraternities sexist, racist and homophobic. You know, the usual rhetoric from the left.

Alex Garland of The Stranger reported.

Nine Photos from Saturday’s “Check Your Privilege Party” at the University of Washington

After some heated talk on Facebook, Saturday’s “Check Your Privilege Party” on the University of Washington’s frat row ended up being a very calm event. The only yelling I heard came from two or three cars as they drove by, and it was mostly unintelligible. There was a 40-ish percent show of hands when someone asked who was in the Greek system. There were a lot of students sitting on the steps of the Greek houses as well. At the high point there seemed to be around 250-300 people at the protest. The Seattle police presence was light, and both the protest itself and Greek row had additional security.

Daniel Ojalvo, an alumni of the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi in Minnesota, says: “If your fellow fraternity members are being racist, sexist, homophobic, trans-phobic, Islamophobic or just freakin’ bigoted, you have a moral obligation to call them out.”

Michael “Renaissance” Moynihan, an activist and organizer with the event, spoke against rape culture and the perpetuation of privilege in the Greek society at UW.