In an attempt to restore financial balance, South Carolina State University announced Wednesday it will cut both tenured and contract employees.

WLTX reports:

Employee Cuts to Come at SC State University

Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) – The interim board of trustees at South Carolina State University declared financial exigency for the school on Wednesday.

After a lengthy executive session, the trustees adopted a university-wide financial exigency policy before making the emergency declaration. Members say the university will now be able to look at all departments and make the necessary cuts needed as they work to resolve the school’s financial crisis.

Acting President Dr. W. Franklin Evans says this concept is a needed step in order to stabilize the university.

“That means that even though there are employees that are on contracts, this will allow us to look and if we need to make reductions or any other adjustments, we can do it to those individuals and it certainly be a part of the university’s policy,” said Dr. Evans.

Tenured employees are included in those who can be terminated, but the school is not sure how many employees will be let go.