9 protesters were arrested at the University of Chicago Wednesday after barricading themselves inside an administration building, preventing use of elevators.

The Chicago Sun Times reports:

Trauma center protesters arrested at University of Chicago

Nine protesters were arrested at the University of Chicago Wednesday, after they barricaded themselves inside an administration building vestibule and disabled the elevators, according to a university spokesman.

The Trauma Center Coalition protest lasted about two hours, until police and fire officials arrived to restore access to the building, officials said.

“The University of Chicago is deeply committed to ensuring freedom of expression and the rights of protesters to express a wide range of views,” said Jeremy Manier, a university spokesman in a prepared statement. “Actions that endanger the safety of our community members or violate the laws that protect our community are unacceptable.”

The protesters — who occupied the vestibule at the south entrance of Levi Hall — have been charged with criminal trespassing, mob action and resisting/obstructing a peace officer, officials said.