Senators Claire McCaskill and Kirsten Gillibrand (both Democrats, naturally) recently attended the premiere of a flawed documentary on campus rape.

Scott Greer of the Daily Caller reports.

Senators Exclude Statistics At Premiere Of Campus Assault Documentary

WASHINGTON — The premiere event for Vice News’ campus rape minidocumentary brought Democratic Sens. Claire McCaskill and Kirsten Gillibrand to George Washington University on a stormy Monday Night, yet notably failed to provide the statistics for the issue and did not mention the creator of a rape protest movement the event celebrated but whose story of sexual assault is now doubted.

Neither the documentary itself nor McCaskill and Gillibrand presented a hard number on the rate for sexual assault on campus — and it wasn’t due to no one asking.

The senators were asked twice during the Q&A session with Vice reporter Gianna Toboni to provide the data for this problem.

For the first question, Sen. McCaskill was asked to respond to critics who contend that the problem with college rape is overblown.

“It really is as big as it seems,” the Missouri senator responded. She deflected that question to shift the focus on the bill she and Gillibrand are sponsoring that aims to tackle campus rape.

Shortly after, Toboni asked McCaskill to explain why there are, “for some reason,” so many high-profile false reports getting attention.

McCaskill replied that the statistics for rape are hard to come by, and she couldn’t give a number for the amount of rape cases that were based on false allegations. But she did say that her experience as a prosecutor precludes her to believe that they are especially low due to the arduous process involved in a rape investigation and the toll it takes on a victim.