Caitlin Grimes of Campus Reform reports that conservatives at UNC were left out of a campus event.

UNC accused of discriminating against conservatives

A conservative nonprofit says it has proof that the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC) discriminated against conservatives

This past January, UNC Chapel Hill put on a diversity dinner that brought the chancellor together with students and faculty. Conservative groups were notably absent.

In the school newspaper, the Daily Tar Heel, an organizer stated that the dinner would be “an inclusive event which gave students the opportunity to voice their opinions, share their concerns and engage with other student leaders to collaborate and get ideas in front of administrators.”

Upon learning that conservative organizations had been excluded from the event, the Civitas Institute, a nonprofit group in North Carolina, launched an investigation. In early February, the organization made a public records request for communications concerning the event.

The university did not initially respond to the request and only delivered the materials after the Civitas Institute threatened litigation.

According to Civitas, the records obtained through the request showed bias against conservative student groups such as the College Republicans, Young Americans for Liberty, the Carolina Review, and Tar Heel Rifle and Pistol Club.

In response to student outcry to the incident, Associate Vice Chancellor of Communications Rick White stated that “no campus groups who identified themselves as political groups were invited to the meeting. That may come later. The Young Republicans are trying to manufacture an issue.”