Nothing suspect about that advice. Nosiree.

Breitbart reports.

California College Counselor Advises Students to Be ‘Less Asian’

In the midst of a heated lawsuit alleging Harvard holds Asian students to a much higher standard during its admissions process, some college admissions counselors in California and elsewhere are coaching Asian American students to appear “less Asian” in an attempt to help them be accepted into the nation’s most elite schools.

The Wall Street Journal recently dubbed Asians “The New Jews of Harvard Admissions,” referring to the antisemitism the school practiced in order to keep Jews out of the school during the early 2oth century.

“I try to do things [to] steer away from the stereotype of the piano-playing, tennis-playing Asian applicant,” James Chen, the founder of Alameda-based Asian Advantage College Consulting, said in an interview with Sacramento-area ABC News affiliate News10. His services cost parents of college-bound students close to $15,000 if they start during the child’s sophomore year of high school.