“You’re done. Once you are accused, you’re done.”

From our parent site, Legal Insurrection:

Amherst College Creates Another Victim of Campus Assault “Investigations”

We’ve discussed extensively the problems and scandals surrounding the campus sexual assault investigation process. Procedures that favor the accuser, and offer no protection to the accused, have led to lost academic careers, ruined reputations, and high-profile lawsuits brought by the accused against the institutions that allegedly threw them under the bus.

One such lawsuit has risen out of sexual assault allegations brought against “John Doe” by another female student at Amherst College. John Doe was expelled after Amherst’s kangaroo court decided with 50.01% certainty that he may have raped “AS.”

After the expulsion, John Doe’s attorney dug deeper into the case, and discovered a series of text messages that eviscerated AS’s testimony:

In fact, as Doe’s attorneys later would discover, AS had texted two people after the hookup—a friend, and a possible paramour. Even before hooking up with Doe, AS had texted the other male student, telling him, “I mean I happen to have my room to myself this weekend, if you wanted to come over and entertain me.” After she finished with Doe, AS resumed flirtatious texting with the male student, who came to her room and spent the night with her. He found her “friendly, flirtatious, and spirited,” and not “anxious, stressed, depressed, or otherwise in distress.”…