The higher ed bubble strikes again.

The Charlotte Observer reports.

For-profit Brookstone College of Business closing down

A small for-profit college with campuses in Charlotte and Greensboro said Wednesday that it is shutting down.

Brookstone College of Business cited the impact of federal regulations that aim to make career-training programs prove they lead to jobs and the ability to repay student debt. The for-profit college industry fought against these “gainful employment” rules, calling them arbitrary.

Brookstone President Jack Henderson said complying with the rules, which include reporting years of student data, drove up costs and “distracted the small college from its core mission of providing quality education and training.”

Brookstone offered programs in office administration, accounting technology and medical assistance.

The school’s night classes have ended immediately. Day classes will run through the middle of next week, the school said.

Charlotte’s campus had 88 students, while the Greensboro location had 119.