Some things you simply can’t make up. Like this one:

The Daily Mail reports:

Flying fish! Amazing footage shows university rowing team in the crossfire as HUNDREDS of Asian carp leap at them from the water

A university rowing team found themselves caught up in the crossfire when hundreds of flying fish mounted an attack.

The first year students at Washington University were practising at Creve Coeur Lake in Missouri when the giant Asian Carp decided to strike.

The St. Louis freshman men’s crew were captured on video rowing under a bridge by filmmaker Benjamin Rosenbaum, as he walks up the dock to greet them.

Initially everything appears to be calm, until slight splashes can be seen rippling in the water around the boat.

The filmmaker lets out a laugh as the ripples get larger and more frequent and fish can be seen leaping from the water.

Suddenly all hell breaks loose and without any real warning hundreds of fish jump from the water and hurl themselves at the boat.