The saga continues.

Jon Shirek and Michael King report for :

Flag protests continue at Valdosta State University

ATLANTA (WXIA) — Tense times continue at Valdosta State University after an internet video became viral showing protesters trampling on the US flag, and a military veteran taking the flag away from the protestors and scuffling with campus police for refusing to give the flag back.

What’s happening at Valdosta State is one more reminder about the American right of free speech, and the US flag.

Protests and counter protests at Valdosta State University are continuing — with demonstrators still trampling on the US flag as they did in their previous protest, and others on campus demonstrating support for the flag and against trampling on it.

In that now-viral video, an Air Force veteran, Michelle Manhart, is seen objecting to protestors who are walking on the flag. She grabbed the flag away from them, then scuffled with campus police for refusing to give it back. Police ended up letting her go without arresting her, and returned the flag to the protesters, and banned Manhart, for life, from setting foot on campus again.