The details are shocking.

Margaux Gundzik writes to the editor of The Bottom Line.

Letter to the Editor: A Hollow Victory for the Jewish Community

Last night, UCSB’s student senate met to discuss and vote on a student-written resolution calling for the divestment from companies that aid the Israeli Defense Forces. According to its authors, the resolution was written in solidarity with the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement, an anti-Semitic movement that seeks the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

Because of its linkage to BDS as well as its denial of the Jewish race’s right to self-determination, I—as a Jewish student—was threatened by the resolution, as were many members of the Jewish community. We attended last night’s senate meeting and spoke at public forum, begging our senators not to pass this resolution that perpetuated hate towards our specific minority group. Similarly, many students in favor of the resolution attended the meeting to oppose my community and press for the passing of this resolution.

After eight hours of public forum, 12 senators voted to pass the resolution, 12 voted not to pass it, and one abstained. It was only due to the chair’s tie-breaking vote that the resolution did not pass. Despite the end result, I do not consider last night’s meeting a victory. I am disturbed that half of my student representatives felt it right to pass a resolution that countless Jewish students vocalized as being offensive, threatening, and blatantly anti-Semitic.