Student protestors projected the words ‘Columbia Protects Rapists’ onto campus buildings.

Buzzfeed News reports:

“Columbia Protects Rapists” Projected Onto University’s Administration Building

Columbia University’s No Red Tape student group protested the school’s handling of alleged sexual assaults on campus Sunday night by projecting “Columbia Protects Rapists” on the main administration building – located at the center of campus.

The protest was planned to coincide with Days on Campus, a weekend for prospective students visiting the school, Julia Crain, a member of No Red Tape, told BuzzFeed News.

“The university has proven time and time again that their main concern is their public image and this weekend, their public image was vulnerable,” Crain said.

The incoming students, Crain said, deserve to know the truth about how colleges handle reports of sexual assault and should be able to make informed decisions about where they go to school.

Members of the administration and campus police tried breaking up the rally, Crain said, telling the protesters they could project the phrases on to Low Library only after the visiting students left campus.