They banned it originally because it “contains triggering and disturbing images and content.”

Life Site reports.

Johns Hopkins University bans pro-life fetal development display as ‘disturbing,’ then reverses decision – for now

A Johns Hopkins University student group says the college threatened to suppress a pro-life display, then reversed its decision and agreed to allow a pro-life display at the institution’s annual Spring Fair. However, the policy that triggered the decision is still on the books – a fact that a student pro-life leader told means that the group could be censored again at any time.

The university’s Arts and Crafts Committee told the North Baltimore Pro-Life Study Group that the group could not present a display of fetal development, because it “contains triggering and disturbing images and content.”

The group had erected a display at the annual event for three decades.

A picture of the display, provided to LifeSiteNews, shows a table with images and dolls showing babies at various stage of fetal development. None of the images or figures are graphic, nor do they show any of the realities of abortion.