Maybe next time this kid could ask a friend to be his designated driver.

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Texas State University frat member paid $1,240 for drunken cab ride from New Orleans to San Marcos

A Texas State University fraternity member had quite the hole in his pocket after a crazy weekend in New Orleans.

Cody Nichols, a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity, paid roughly $1,240 for a taxi cab ride from New Orleans to the fraternity house in San Marcos this past weekend, Nichols told Total Frat Move.

Nichols, an excercise and sports science sophomore, had been separated from his date and a group of friends while drinking on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The group was reportedly there for a formal.

Nichols, who did not respond to multiple requests for an interview, told Total Frat Move in an email that he got into a cab following a fight in front of a hotel, during which his phone was stolen.

Thinking he was on Sixth Street in Austin, Nichols told the driver to take him back to his fraternity house.

“He told me to get out because it was too far of a drive and that it’d be close to $700, I pulled out my card and said lets go,” Nichols said.

The trip actually wound up being closer to $1,640: Nichols paid about $1,240 for the cab ride in addition to $400 for the return flight to New Orleans to reunite with his date and friends, according to Total Frat Move.