I could understand if students claimed the survey was an invasion of privacy but triggering? Really?

Julianne Stanford of the College Fix reported.

Students refuse to take national sexual-assault survey because it’s ‘triggering’

Others accuse their school of trying to keep victims from taking the survey

This month, as part of Sexual Assault Awareness month, 28 universities across the country are asking students to anonymously share their knowledge of and experiences with sexual assault and misconduct on campus.

The “climate survey” by the Association of American Universities has already faced criticism from students and some faculty, citing its potential to “trigger” victims of sexual assault among other reasons.

The association seeks to “document the frequency and characteristics of campus sexual assault and sexual harassment, and assess campus climate in a way that allows for comparability of data across institutions and that protects the confidentiality of respondents,” it said in a press release.

The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor’s Michigan Daily reported that some students who participated in the survey “said they stopped taking or were advised by friends against taking the AAU survey due to triggering imagery and wording.”

The student director of the university’s “I Will” campaign, which promotes the disputed assertion that one in four women will be “survivors” of sexual assault by the time they graduate, told the Daily the survey was “definitely triggering.”

“If something did happen to you and you are truthfully answering the survey, then you are reopening a wound that was not explicitly chosen before hand,” said Hannah Crisler.

Michigan State University ran into problems administering the survey, including to those students who claim they were sexually assaulted, according to The State News.

About 2,900 students out of 44,000, “many of them” alleged victims who are fearful of being stalked, have “restricted their directory information” and didn’t get the survey in their email.