And the movement grows…

Susan Svrluga reports for the Washington Post:

Students at Catholic University vote to allow guns on campus

Catholic University student leaders want students to be able to carry guns on campus.

“A resolution in support of student carry” easily passed the school’s student government, the Student Association General Assembly, with a 16 to 11 vote.

That surprised one of the bill’s sponsors, Matt Hanrahan, a junior majoring in politics. “The gun debate in this country is very polarizing,” he said, “and it’s even more polarizing to talk about firearms on campus.”

He said he doesn’t expect to see students carrying any time soon. “I don’t think the administration will go for it, and D.C. has issued very few permits. But it starts a conversation about safety on campus.”

Students are not allowed to carry guns on campus now. The resolution notes:
“…Following the Heller Supreme Court decision in 2012, the Washington,
D.C. City Council, carrying a legally purchased firearm is now legal in the
District of Columbia, with a permit issue by Metropolitan Police

People have fiercely debated whether to allow guns on campus, particularly after a gunman killed 32 people on the Virginia Tech campus in 2007, with some worried that arming students could trigger violence, and others countering the best way to ensure safety is to have people ready to protect them.