Ah yes, the ‘tolerance’ crowd is always so tolerant. Except when they aren’t.

Jessica Chasmar reports for the Washington Times:

Pro-life crosses mocked, thrown in garbage at Clarion University

Students at Clarion University of Pennsylvania destroyed a pro-life display on campus that featured dozens of white crosses commemorating lives lost to abortion.

The public university’s Students for Life (SFL) chapter discovered Monday morning that a significant portion of the crosses had been broken, removed and tossed into nearby garbage cans, Campus Reformreported.

Vandals wrote messages on several crosses that asked, “Would you support if this life was gay?” and “Would you support if this life were trans?”

This is the second time the group’s display has been vandalized, according to Clarion senior and SFL chapter Vice President Todd Garrett.

“This was a reprehensible act of discrimination against Students for Life,” he said in a statement on the group’s website. “It was an attack on the freedom of speech. I find it quite ridiculous that this is the second time since 2011 that our crosses have been desecrated.”