Muslim students at the school are protesting a showing of the film.

Greg Piper of the College Fix reports.

Get ready for another ‘American Sniper’ protest by Muslim students

This time it’s happening at Northern Illinois University, where a veterans group will screen the film about Chris Kyle as “part of a day-long series of events to highlight the problem of homelessness among military veterans,” EAG News reports:

Learning of the film’s showing on the NIU campus prompted a leader of the Muslim Student Association, Umraan Syed, to write on the group’s Facebook page that “I consider veterans and our military to be the real terrorists.”

After a lengthy discussion on the group’s Facebook page, Syed and the NIU-MSA appear to have settled on countering the showing of the film by setting up a table near the event to spread their message that the film is a misrepresentation of Muslims and promotes “Islamophobia.” …

In addition to calling veterans [who served in Iraq] and the military “terrorists,” Syed also said that Chris Kyle was “clearly” a “maniac” that “terrorized innocents.”

The veterans group explicitly said on its GoFundMe page for the screening that this isn’t about politics:

The NIUVA was going to show a screening of American Sniper at nighttime because it accurately portrays the struggle many veterans face with PTSD and adjusting back to normal life. Our event is to shine a light on veteran homelessness, not to make some political statement.