I wonder what they thought they were going to achieve by trashing the newspapers.

Greg Piper of The CollegeFix has the story:


Apparently unfamiliar with Justice Louis Brandeis’s famous quote that the best response to speech you hate is “more speech, not enforced silence,” sorority members admitted they threw away more than 800 copies of a campus newspaper over a story about a hazing allegation.

It’s possible the same fear of embarrassment drove unknown students to toss 1,900 copies of another student paper that featured a story about suspended Greek organizations.

The Student Press Law Center reports that five Rho Theta members at Elmhurst College fessed up after “sorority members” were identified for trashing more than half the print run:

Phi Mu’s national organization and their Elmhurst Rho Theta chapter will reimburse The Leader for the cost of the theft, estimated at more than $1,000, and will pay to reprint the issue, according to a news release from the national organization. The newspaper’s adviser, Ron Wiginton, said they are reprinting the paper on Friday and will redistribute it Saturday.

Zachary Bishop, The Leader’s editor-in-chief, said he hasn’t heard from the sorority and wants them to apologize.