This app was created in earnest, not as a joke, to help couples establish consent before engaging in sexual activity. However, the app developers seem completely unaware of the legal Pandora’s Box that’s been placed in their laps.

Greg Piper of The College Fix has the story:


The new sexual-consent app Good2Go may be a victim of its own timing.

It’s being marketed as a way for college students to “facilitate communication” with each other before sex and judge whether they are sober enough to consent. The app, which requires users to register with their mobile phone numbers, even went through beta testing with drunk college students.

But some publications, including The College Fix, have reviewed the app based on its ability to help resolve sexual-assault allegations or, conversely, lead to more confusion for campus tribunals and courts. Reports of colleges flubbing their federally required investigations of assault, by shortchanging accusers or railroading accused students, have filled the news this year.

That perception of the app’s purpose – as a legal instrument in an adjudication process fraught with perils – appears to have caught Good2Go by surprise.

leeannallmanIn fact, in a phone call with The College Fix, Good2Go President Lee Ann Allman didn’t have a ready-made answer for a question faced by every app developer that collects personal information: under what circumstances Good2Go will turn over that data to authorities.