Apple removed the app, which faced numerous critical reviews, from the iTunes store, citing an app guideline which forbade “objectionable or crude content.”

Greg Piper at The College Fix has the story:

Good2Go Totally Shuts Down Consent App After Apple Yanks It From iTunes

Just two weeks after its debut, the sexual-consent app Good2Go has been removed from the iTunes store and its maker has voluntarily blocked it from Android devices as well.

Sandton Technologies said this morning that Apple pulled the student-focused Good2Go, citing a clause in its app guidelines that says “apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected.”

It’s not clear what was “excessively objectionable or crude” about the app, which asks partners who consent to sex how “intoxicated” they are and blocks them from giving consent in the app if they answer “totally wasted.”

“In light of this decision by Apple, Good2Go has additionally decided to remove the app from the Google Play Store and disable user registration, data capture and storage features of the app, and has eliminated all data records,” the company said in a press release.

The College Fix is scheduled to talk to the company later today and will update this post at that time.

The company is retooling Good2Go, which faced a barrage of critical reviews and confusion about its purpose, with an eye on submitting a new version to both Apple and Google this spring.

Sandton is adding a new “public forum” to the Good2Go website where “concerned citizens” can provide input on what should be in the next version of the app, President Lee Ann Allman said in the release: “It is our hope that this now becomes everyone’s project.”

Allman said the company was “surprised Apple considers our app ‘excessively objectionable and crude.’”