It seems like everyone thinks Zakaria is a plagiarist, except for Jeff Zucker and Fareed himself.

Tony Lee writes for Breitbart:


After CNN chief Jeff Zucker said he had “complete confidence” in CNN’s Fareed Zakaria even after at least 24 instances of plagiarism on his Fareed Zakaria GPS show had been discovered, a prominent journalism professor said he had no doubts that Zakaria is a serial plagiarizer.

On Wednesday, Dan Kennedy, a journalism professor at Northeastern University, said he had “complete confidence that Zakaria is a plagiarist” after he saw Zucker’s supportive comments.

After Our Bad Media discovered numerous more instances in which Zakaria plagiarized for his CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, Politico, Esquire, and The Week also weighed in this week and slammed Zakaria as a serial plagiarizer, as Breitbart News has been documenting.

While Zakaria’s elite allies in the mainstream press give him a pass and ignore his offenses, Our Bad Media has not let him off the hook. After finding yet another article Zakaria plagiarized (an article about martinis), Our Bad Media declared, “Fareed Zakaria was, is, and will be a massive plagiarist in what some in older times may have called the most extreme example of plagiarism we’ve ever seen by major news organizations.”

On Wednesday, Our Bad Media revealed that “Zakaria’s February 1998 Slate column, ‘Toward The Wet Martini’ rips off “Max Rudin’s ‘There Is Something About A Martini’ in the July/August 1997 issue of American Heritage.”