Finally, something that makes sense.

Maggie Lit of Campus Reform reports:

Students protest ‘sexist’ intramural soccer rule that doubles points when women score

A state university intramural soccer program is under fire by students for it’s “sexist” policy of awarding two points when a female scores a goal and just one point if a male scores.

Intramural faculty at Appalachian State University (ASU) said the co-ed league implemented the policy when the program was just getting started in an effort to encourage female participants to join.

Kate Rhudy, a sophomore music therapy student, says the system is outdated and is no longer applicable with the league’s high volume of participants.

“These rules haven’t been evaluated in 20 years and there might have been a reason to have them in the past, but they’re not relevant today,” Rhudy said. “It results in the development of a different game of soccer and it perpetuates a stereotypical gender rule.”

Rhudy has played soccer since she was a child, and says the scoring system perpetuates sexism throughout the intramural community.

“I just want the game to reflect fairness to both sexes and be the real game of soccer,” Rhudy told The Appalachian. “The strategy is not teamwork, but to play based on gender.”