A recent Reason-Rupe poll shows that millennials actually aren’t that much more Democratic than their older counterparts. However, they are considerably less Republican and more Independent.

Reporting for Reason, with plenty of good charts, is Emily Elkins:

Millennials Aren’t More Democratic—They’re Just Less Republican

In 2012 millennials voted for President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney 60 to 36 percent, but the latest Reason-Rupe study of millennials finds they are not overwhelmingly Democratic. In fact, they are no more Democratic than older Americans; instead they are more independent and less Republican.

Remarkably, given recent voting trends, millennials are slightly less likely (43%) to identify as Democratic than Americans over 30 (49%). Only 23 percent of millennials identify as Republican, half as likely as Americans 30 and up (40%). Instead, millennials are three times as likely (34%) as older Americans (11%) to identify as independent.

In other words, millennials are distinctive because they are less Republican and more independent. (They really don’t like either political party)

White and Asian American millennials have similar partisan profiles, with about a third identifying as Republicans, a third as Democrats, and a third as independents. Nearly half of Hispanic millennials identify as Democratic, four in 10 as independent and 12 percent as Republican. Nearly 60 percent of African-American millennials identify as Democratic, a third as independent, and 11 percent as Republican.