This is no joke.

From YoungConservatives:

NYU Professor’s “solution” for global warming is literally one of the most insane things ever…

Matthew Liao, director of the Bioethics Programme at New York University, says we should combat global warming by genetically engineering humans so they are shorter and allergic to red meat.

One strategy would be to reduce our resource use. “18% of greenhouse emissions come from livestock farming, so if we ate less meat we could greatly reduce our environmental impact,” explains Liao. But although most people understand that eating meat is not environmentally friendly, the sight of a juicy steak sizzling on the grill is often too tempting to refuse. But what if we could engineer people to dislike the taste of burgers?

“We can artificially induce intolerance to red meat by stimulating the immune system against common bovine proteins,” he says. Liao envisions a medical aid like a nicotine patch that makes you sick if you try to eat red meat. Such a patch might sound like science fiction – and for now it is – but evidence has recently surfaced that people bitten by the lone star tick, native to the southern US, subsequently developedallergies to red meat, forcibly pushing them toward a vegetarian lifestyle.

Liao also argues that we can reduce the size of our environmental footprint by reducing the size of our physical footprint. “Reducing height by 15cm would mean a reduction in mass of around 25%,” says Liao. That’s a quarter less of you that has to be transported, fed, and watered. Although there’s a social stigma against being short, Liao counters that there are benefits too. Smaller people tend to live longer he says, “and you can fit in airplanes better!”