In the 2012 election, Obama received two-thirds of the votes of those aged 18-29, significantly contributing to his electoral victories in swing states like Ohio and Florida. And everywhere you look it seems millennials—perhaps more than two-thirds—are left-wing.

Why? They form the root of their political philosophy around social issues, and then they assume all the other beliefs of liberal-progressives.

There is growing consensus among conservatives and libertarians of all ages that the current standard Republican platform will not win votes of those aged 18-29. While Republicans could do better articulating their views on economics and the proper role of government, the subject that most turns off young voters is the social conservatism.

It’s time for Republicans to face the obvious facts: the majority of young people are either liberal or libertarian in their views towards the private lives of individuals, and focusing less on these topics will not mean losing the die-hard social conservatives votes. Furthermore, forgoing nanny-ism in the realm of social conduct and the bedroom purifies and solidifies a Republican’s claim that he/she stands for greater personal freedom and smaller government.

With plenty more commentary and telling statistics is Mytheos Holt of The Daily Caller:

How Republicans Can Win Millennial Voters

Memo to Republicans: If you want to build a lasting coalition, spend less time picking fights over gays holding hands, and more time getting the largest generation out of their parents’ basements. Don’t believe me? Look at a recent Reason-Rupe poll of millennial voters.

Now if you’re a Republican and you’re feeling nervous, let me reassure you that the poll has a lot of good news. For instance, it shows that 57 percent of millennials won’t back larger government if it means their tax bills go up, 78 percent think that debt and deficit spending are major problems, and a majority want access to private retirement accounts, even if it means a few grannies have to take a tumble off a cliff.

No, seriously. When asked to respond to the question, “Would you favor or oppose allowing younger workers to invest their Social Security taxes in private retirement accounts if doing so required reducing Social Security benefits to current and future seniors,” 51 percent of millennials still said yes, five points more than said no. And when the seniors are left out? Nearly three quarters favor the idea.

But if you think these conservative tendencies alone are going to be enough to make Republicans competitive with this generation, well, as South Park says, you’re gonna have a bad time. And if you’re a social conservative, whether of the Jerry Falwell variety or of the “Faith and Family Left” variety, then sorry Santorum voters, but you’re not in Iowa anymore. Fully 61 percent of young voters favor keeping online porn legal and 57 percent favor making it legal to use marijuana. Slouching towards Gomorrah with our shirts untucked, the lot of us.