Illegal immigrant. Check.

Gay. Check.

Feminist. And check.
A progressive’s dream candidate who was running for student body President at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill was soundly defeated in a run-off election. The Daily Caller education editor Eric Owens has more details on Emilio Vicente’s defeat.

Vicente was, in fact, crushed by a 27.43-point margin, reports The College Fix.

The final tally in the runoff for student council president at North Carolina’s flagship taxpayer-funded university was 2,681 votes for Vicente (35.47 percent) and 4,760 votes (62.9 percent) for his opponent, U.S. resident Andrew Powell.

About 30,000 undergraduates attend the school.

Vicente came to America when he was six-years old with his parents. They entered the country illegally.

He received enthusiastic support from a number of campus factions and began something of a national cause célèbre. Last month, “Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria urged UNC students to vote for Vicente. He also received an endorsement from al-Jazeera.

Leftist students in particular had pinned their hopes on Vicente’s candidacy. According to The Fix, one student proclaimed that the illegal immigrant “represents the Carolina that is fighting back against the political forces that want to make public education accessible to only…upper class white students.

It’s not clear why Vicente lost so handily. He was far and away the front-runner after the first election round with 41.08 percent of the vote.