It looks like Americans aren’t the only ones struggling to keep their kids interested in school.

The Learn for Life Foundation, a non-profit organization established to promote the importance of education in Western Australia, recently sponsored a video to warn about the dangers of truancy.

That the organization selected to have the video produced by gore-friendly filmmaking duo Henry&Aaron, who create comedic short films on YouTube that often feature characters with legs and arms blown off, offers a clue as to the nature of that warning.

The message the Foundation are hoping to convey in their latest video, ‘Set Yourself Free’, appears to be stay in school… or get blown to pieces.

In the advert, a group of teenagers can be seen enjoying an idyllic day at the beach after skipping school. As they frolic on the sun-drenched sands, one of them steps on a bomb and meets a particularly gory end.

When two others rush to help, they too meet the same fate, leaving one traumatised girl screaming into the silence before the camera pans out to reveal they’ve been hanging out at an explosives testing site.

At the end of the advert, the warning “This is what happens when you slack off. Stay in school”, appears ominously on screen.