This is just the latest effort by progressives to make everyone equal. Equally miserable, that is.

Trey Sanchez of Truth Revolt has the story.

Coming to a College Near You: All Gender Restrooms!

In an attempt to “desegregate Wesleyan bathrooms,” a group that calls themselves “Pissed Off Trans* People” have been tearing down the “Men” and “Women” restroom delineation signs and replacing them with paper signs indicating an “All Gender Restroom” on the Wesleyan campus.

Wesleyan University is not the first college to have their restrooms gender-neutralized. Brown University led the way with students who were very artistic with their “self-expression” and “creative” vandalism against gender-specific restrooms on campus. This should not be all that surprising on liberal college campuses, but this trend is now popping up in city halls across America. There are now gender-neutral restrooms required by law in Philadelphia as well as county buildings and a high school in Portland, Oregon.

Although Wesleyan University already has all-gender bathrooms throughout the campus, the trans* group (click here if you want to know why the asterisk is there) demands more. Here is the manifesto from the pissed off group at Wesleyan:

We demand that Wesleyan University stop segregating bathrooms along gender lines and provide all-gender bathrooms in all buildings in the University.

We believe gender-segregated bathrooms create uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations for trans and gender-variant presenting people.

We believe gender-segregated bathrooms reinforce trans* invisibility at Wesleyan.

We resent statements by Wesleyan Administration that all-gender bathrooms are widely available on this campus, when they are in fact often difficult to find or unmarked, in inconvenient locations, or simply not available.